2019 Ladies League Information will be updated shortly!

We have decided to make some changes based on some of your feedback and hopefully overall improvements to gain participation.  We will be moving the Ladies League from Monday night to Wednesday Nights and it will be a 5:30PM Shotgun. 

We have combined the Monday Night Men’s League with Tuesday Night giving us a Double Shotgun on Tuesday Nights at 5:30PM and we are doing the same with the Ladies League and Wednesday Night Men’s League.  We have essentially condensed our league nights from three to two.  It will be a 5:30PM Double Shotgun each week with the leagues “flip flopping” nines every other week so that you all are getting to play both sides of the golf course.  Taking feedback from the ladies league regarding not playing on Monday Nights we are able to move it to Wednesday Nights as well as giving you the shotgun that has been requested in the past. 

The registration fee to join is $555.00 for Associate Members and $230.00 for Unlimited Members.  The fee includes your Associate Membership, Weekly Prize Money, League Gifts and Banquet.  With the $555.00 registration this will make you an Associate Member of the club.  This will offer you discounts on golf played outside of league nights as well as get you invited to all but two of our Member Only Events (Stroke Play and Club Championship excluded).  You will receive all the benefits of being an Associate Member with the exception of 1 FREE Round that is given to Associate Members – you are receiving potentially 15 free 9 hole rounds. 

The season will be regular season 11 weeks of Stroke Play Gross & Net rewarding the Regular Season Gross & Net winners with Longest Drive and Closest to the Hole winners weekly. There will be 4 weeks of “Playoffs” of a Stroke Play Format Gross & Net with the banquet following the final round. 

League Season will start Wednesday, May 8th and run through Wednesday, August 14th








7/24 – Playoffs Round 1


7/31 – Playoffs Round 2


8/7 – Playoffs Round 3


8/14 – Playoffs Round 4 & Banquet




Weeks 1-11 Individual Stroke Play Gross & Net. 
Weeks 12-15 Playoffs Individual Stroke Play Gross & Net (best 18 hole score)



100 Points




90 Points


50 Points


85 Points


45 Points


80 Points


40 Points


75 Points


35 Points


70 Points


30 Points


65 Points


25 Points


60 Points


20 Points

Weekly Registration:

Ladies will need to register online for each week on or before the Thursday prior.  There will be a link on the Ladies League website for registration of each week.  At which point you will be able to requests groupings – we will do our best to honor these requests but will also try to mix players up.  The point of the shotgun is for everyone to get to know each other and build on those member relationships per your comments and requests from the past years.




The Playoffs will be 4 Stroke Play Rounds Gross & Net.  The concept of the playoffs will be to get your best 18 hole score.  Over those 4 weeks you will play the Front 9 Twice and the Back 9 Twice.  Scoring will be done by taking each participants BEST score (Gross & Net) on each hole making ONE BEST 18 Hole Round Gross & Net.  After the final 9 holes are played we will have our Ladies League Banquet.  During the banquet we will comprise the best score for each participant.  Winners will be paid out for 1st-3rd Gross & Net. 

We will have Regular Season Points Winners and Playoffs Winners both under Gross & Net. 


Wednesday, April 24th you are invited to come out with a guest (Female) to play - there is no fee for league members and your guest’s fee will be $30 for the golf. If your guest joins the Ladies League the $30 fee will be applied to their League Registration Fee.  The idea behind this is for you all to invite someone you think might be interested in the league or on the fence and give them an opportunity to meet the staff, see the course and get familiar with the property. We have done this for the past 2 seasons with a total of 9 players participating. As much as we all want the league to grow, we need your help in bringing out ladies. These guests DO NOT have to join the league but we are hoping opportunities like this will help persuade ladies to join or play here more often.

Tuesday, April 30th we will once again do a Free Ladies Clinic for Ladies League Members ONLY.  This will be from 6:00PM-7:00PM at the Driving Range. 

There will be a Rules Seminar on Monday, March 25th from 6:00PM – 8:00PM. There was a complete overhaul of the Rules of Golf starting at the beginning of 2019 and it is in everyone’s best interest to attend and understand.  Knowing the rules are only to your benefit, if you can make it please do so.  This is not mandatory but we hope that as many of you as possible will come participate so that when rules questions come up during the league season you might be better versed to apply the appropriate rule.

League nights that are canceled will not be made up and in the case where multiple nights are missed we will do our best in fairness to you and the club to make sure you get to play golf. We will do our very best to get all rounds played. We do understand that people are driving from work and places that may be further away and understand, we will do our best to keep you informed of weather.  Please do not call the golf shop asking if we are going to cancel or delay, we will send out emails when we feel necessary and when we can answer best as to decisions prior to teeing off. If there is no contact then please plan to play. As with all golf tournaments playing in the rain is part of the elements and if we feel there is no danger to you or the course we will plan on playing through.

It is the responsibility of each League Member to establish a USGA Handicap which is included with your League Associate Membership. A minimum of 5 scores are needed to establish a handicap. Members that do not established a handicap prior to League play will compete as a "scratch" golfer until a legitimate handicap is acquired. NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you were in the league in 2018 you will already have an established handicap for the 2019 season.

The deadline to register for the league is Wednesday, May 1st

This information will be on our website as well as being email blasted out.  Please feel free to forward this to your friends or golfing groups to help get the information out there.

Registration can be done by clicking here

Please feel free to email or call me with any questions!