Men's League

League 1 - Tuesday Night / League 2 - Tuesday Night / League 3 - Wednesday Night 
2023 Men's League is a Two Person Team event. 

Please email David Hansinger: with any questions
  We are excited to get the 2023 year kicked off with registrations for the 2023 Men’s Leagues!  

The overall concept of the league and its format will not change.  It will remain Better Ball of Partners “Net” Match Play
Leagues will start on April 25th & 26th. 


Those that participated in 2022 have first rights to the 20 team openings for their respective league nights.  If teams wish to switch nights, they will be put on a waiting list for that night and moved to the front of the list ahead of the “New” teams that are on the waiting list.  If a team is to split up and both players wish to play with different teammates both teams will be added to waiting list for that night they wish to play, again, given priority over “new” teams. If a teammate loses his partner from 2022 and has a new partner (the original partner is no longer playing in the league) then that team can retain is spot if paid in full by 1/31/2023.  Teams must be paid in full by January 31, 2023 in order to keep their current spot.  If those teams remain unpaid in full on February 1st we will refund the monies paid and let teams in from the waiting list that pay in full (2/1/2023) is based on position on the waiting list and paid first).  All league registrations can be paid by Credit Card, or Member Charge (Unlimited Members ONLY) and must done online, and online only!  We will not be taking payment in the shop.


**Unlimited Members who join the league but their membership ends during the league season and do not renew their membership must pay the difference between the two memberships in order to continue to play in the league.  Those that do not retain their membership through the entirety of the league will not be allowed to play for their team until the difference is paid.


The rate for this season will be $650.00  for the League Associate Membership and $275.00  for Unlimited Members.  
The Associate Membership along with the Associate Member benefits are included (with the exception of a free round).  You will still have access to all Member events with the exception of the Stroke Play Championship and Club Championship.
Each week the two leagues on their respective night will “flip flop” nines so that everyone is playing the opposite every other week. 

The format will remain Net Better Ball of Partners Match Play, matches will be played off the Low Ball in the group. Each league will be broken down into 2 divisions with the 10 lowest combined team handicaps being placed in the Mountain Division and the 10 highest combined team handicaps being placed in the Branch Division.  Teams within each division will play each other one time over a 9-week regular season. There will be 2 nights built-in, for make up rounds in case of weather. The top 8 teams for each division will make the playoffs. We always try our very best based on technology and experience to make the correct call based on player safety and timing of travel, course conditions, etc. when considering cancellation.

The matches will be 9-hole matches with each hole having a point value.  Each hole is worth 1 point.  The team that wins that hole will receive a full point, if teams halve that hole, they each receive a half a point and the team that loses the hole gets zero points. The team that wins their match will also receive an extra point towards their 9-hole total.  If a match is halved after 9 holes neither team will receive a bonus point for the match.  Teams must win their match to get that extra point.  Team Total Points will rank teams within the division first to last. At the end of the regular season the Top 8 teams in each division will go into a single elimination playoff bracket with the winner of each division playing each other for the Overall League Night Championship.  The playoffs are Better Ball of Partners Net - Match Play (points don’t matter in match).  

Leagues will once again have their own dedicated webpage as we did in 2022.  That information will be given out as we get closer to the season getting started. 

Ties at the end of the season will be broken by the following: 1. Head to Head record.  2.  Most regular season wins.  3. If teams are still tied there will be a chip off on the putting green at 5:00PM on the first night of the playoffs of the team’s respective night.  The playoffs will be played over 4 weeks.  The winner of each division within their league night will play each other for that league's championship.  The Playoffs will be played the same as the regular season format.

Divisions for each league night will be made based on Team indexs on 4/18/23.  Teams that do not have both players with an established handicap by the start of league will play at scratch with no exceptions until they have established an index here at the club. Teams will be assigned a team number within each division randomly after the 4/18 revision and the divisions are established.  Team numbers and the season schedule, including all regular season matches will all be posted on the website for the entire regular saeson.

Handicap for players will be 100% with a max of 9 strokes per 9 holes and strokes will be based off the lowest handicap in the group. Example of Handicap for league night: Team 1 Player A is a 0 handicap and Player B is a 5.  Team 2 Player A is a 2 and Player B is a 12.  The match will be played off of Team 1’s Player A’s zero handicap , Player B on Team 1 will get his 5 strokes, Team 2 Player A will get his 2 strokes and Player B will get 9 strokes (the max).  Example 2; Team 1 Player A is a 3 Handicap, Player B is a 7 handicap.  Team 2 Player A is a 6, Player B is a 10.  The match will be played off Team 1’s Player A.  Player A on Team 1 will play the match at scratch, his partner will get 4 strokes, Team 2 Player A will get 3 strokes and Player B will get 7 strokes.  

*There will ONLY be ONE official scorecard for each group/match that card will require 2 signatures (one from each team) verifying the card after play. Please make sure the scorecard is turned in to the pro shop and legalable.
Scores will be posted through golf genius once all results are inputted and offical. Results will be posted as soon as possible, with the goal being the next day.


SUBSTITUES will be allowed only for pace purposes. In no circumstances will substitution score count toward match.  

Men 59 and younger – Black Tees
Men 60 and older – White Tees

Each Men’s League will consists of Weekly Winnings (Total Points) 1st, 2nd and 3rd  Closest to the Hole for both par threes and both the Black Tees and White Tees.
Each week, because of software limitations, I will attached a seperate spreadsheet to indicate weekly winners and send through golf genius so everyone can track their winnings.
Please reveiw posting of weekly results to double check that all postings are correct.